Busy Busy Busy!

Hi all-

Yesterday was such a busy day for the Pants Family! We had three big events happen.

  1. I am now officially full term into the pregnancy.
    And boy do I feel it. Princess Pants is getting stronger and stronger everyday, and loves to nudge her feet up into my ribs! This little girl moves nonstop and is constantly poking her butt out. Sheย hates when I drink anything cold, and also hates loud, metallic noises. But she does love Papa Pants’s voice. Every time she hears him when he gets home she wiggles happily! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am getting bigger and bigger everyday as well. So far, I’ve gained 33lbs and feel like a hippo. I can’t lie down on the couch without Papa Pants being there with me, because I get stuck and need his help to get up! It’s humorous for him, very annoying me! Even my maternity pants are getting too tight! Nowadays I’m mostly seen wearing Papa Pant’s band shirts and basketball shorts.
  2. According to the state of California, I am now officially a disabled person.
    I knew the later weeks in pregnancy were going to be difficult, but there is a lot more I’m unable to do than I had previously anticipated!!

    • It takes me about 5 minutes to get dressed. All parts of getting dressed are now extremely difficult, socks or shoes being the hardest. But since my feet are so swollen now, I’ve mostly resorted to wearing flip flops. Undies and pants a close second to being the most difficult. I have to sit down in order to put them on! Getting undressed is no easy feat, either.
    • The aches and pains in general are a little more than I expected, too. My swollen hands in the morning hurt fairly bad. This may partially be my fault, since I’ve refused to take my ring off, and have only managed to wiggle it off after icing my hands. If I haven’t been able to elevate my feet for the day, my poor toes turn into sausages and the area between my heel and arch beings to hurt (thankfully I have Papa Pants who is nice enough to rub it for me when I ask). Princess Pants has begun to descend, and the pressure on my pelvic floor is like nothing I’ve felt before. It is especially painful to stand up from a lower chair. Achy breasts, itchy skin, heartburn, and braxton hicks are all too common as well.
    • Some other random annoyances are getting out of cars, not being able to bend over, constantly feeling as if I’m going to lose my balance, trying to not sleep on my back, insomnia, and being this big in the middle of summer. But whenever I feel like I’m about to cry because I’ve dropped my phone on the floor with no furniture around for me to stabilize myself on, with a full bladder, swollen feet, experiencing a braxton hick, and with California in the middle of a heatwave, I just try to conjure up an image of what Princess Pants will look like or think of a fantasy of the three of us in pure bliss, and I power through it ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. Papa Pants and I got our maternity pictures done!
    For our pictures, Papa Pants and I decided that the Seal Beach Pier would be the perfect place to get them done. When we showed up, however, we were a little worried because the beach was so crowded from every Californian and their mother trying to escape the heatwave. Our photographer Matt Petit, however, did such an amazing job. From the sample photos he’s shown us, he made it look like Papa Pants and I had the whole beach to ourselves! If anyone in Southern California happens to stumble across my blog and is looking for a photographer, please contact Matt! He was fun and made the whole experience very comfortable and amazing for us! Here’s a sneak peek of our session:


ImagePhotographer: Matt Petit
Location: Seal Beach Pier